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In my eyes, Louis has always been the chill, calm member of the original Left 4 Dead cast. Seeing him fully geared in MJOLNIR Mk VI assault armor gives me a sharp and awesome contrast from his usual appearance, and this gives me and many others a glimpse into how his behavior could be completely different while using the armor. I love the fact that you used white as the color scheme for his armor. The "Pills Here!!" memes that Louis usually appears in gives me the impression (other than the fact that L4D fans like to see him as a pill addict for fun) that he could be the team's combat medic. In addition, white is mostly associated with anything related to medicine, so, to me, it makes since to for this palette to be given to him. In addition, equipping Louis with a BRHB55 and Emile's Kukri gives him the ability to be a powerful combat medic capable of performing mid-range firefights and close-quarters combat with clean, clinical-like precision. Finally, the rain and lighting are used in appropriate amounts to strengthen Louis's pose, expression, and details, and makes it feel like he's on a spec-ops mission. Spectacular job!
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